The Jay Files -
Independence in Church Safeguarding

Professor Alexis Jay has now published her report giving proposals for the future of independent safeguarding in the Church of England.

You can download a copy of her full report from here  and she has also produced her own video introduction which she shared with the General Synod of the Church of England and which you can watch below:

The Sheepfold Project are releasing over 3 Fridays a series of three videos in which we will summarise Prof Jay's findings, look in more detail at the issues which are causing the Church of England to hesitate in implementing her recommendations and in the third video consider what practical challenges exist in implementing her recommendations.

Once the Church of England's Implementation Group have published a report of their findings and recommendations, we will then publish a 4th video in which Safeguarding Experts and Abuse Survivors will be invited to comment.
The videos will be placed on this page and can be viewed from 00:01 am on Friday mornings, starting on 10 May 2024.

The final video will premier on Friday 24 May at 00:01 AM